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    Methyltris(methylethylketoximino)silane (MOS)

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      Chemical Name: Methyltris(methylethylketoximino)silane (MOS)

      Structural Formula:


      CH3Si -O-N=C

      C2H5 3

      Molecular Weight: 301

    Physical and Chemical properties:The product is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, which can crosslink with water and generates 2-butanone oxime. Boiling point :> 310


      Appearance and Odor : colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with 2-butanone oxime odor.

      PH: 6.0\9.5

    Specific Gravity(25
    ): 0.970\0.990 Dioptre (20
    ): 1.453Z0.003 Chroma (Hazen)
    30 Assay

      Applications: a cross-linking agent (vulcanizing agent) of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and silicone sealant.

      Transport: Stored in airtight containers and placed in a dry and cool position away from light. It?s non-corrosive and general chemical transport rules is available.

      Packages: Plastic drum , 200kg or 25kg per net weight

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